How the project got started

I made this Instagram account to share a passion-fueled project I decided to undertake: create a design each day for the next year that shares facts about the current state of our planet. I'm combining my love for design with my passion for the environment by making a simple pixel design everyday for the next year that highlights the current state of the planet. I think we all are aware that we, as a species, are damaging the planet, but we never realize how much. I'm shooting to bring more attention to the statistics, and hoping to inspire people to take action. Most everyone agrees that the health of Mother Nature isn't the best it's been, but we don't realize how bad things are until we hear the statistics. And what pairs better with cold hard ecological facts than cute pixel designs? When people learn about the state of our home and are driven to make a difference.

Designing pixel art everyday paired with facts about our beautiful planet with the goal of raising appreciation for Mother Nature.